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When do I get paid?

Payment for all shops is processed in the second month after the shop is submitted. PLEASE NOTE: SASSIE is on Eastern Time, so for end-of-the-month shops, you must submit by Midnight Eastern Time on the 31st in order to have the shop count toward that month. Funds are then transferred on or by the 15th of that second month. For example, shops submitted in June (based on Eastern Time) are paid August 1-15. 

The “Paid on” date in your shop log reflects the day processing began. Payment is made via PayPal only.


How do I pay for shops? Shops that have a purchase requirement will list specific payment types to avoid during your shop. We encourage you to always have a back up plan, in case your intended purchase method suddenly doesn't work. For shops at grocery stores, please note that you CANNOT use EBT (SNAP program) benefits to complete your purchase. We will not reimburse any amount covered by this payment. If you need to confirm payment before a shop, contact us immediately so we can guide you.


You can call us at 877-388-0216 or email support@servicecheck.com. 

Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, Pacific Time.


I have double checked your payment policy and I should have received my money by now.

First confirm that the email address in your profile is correct and matches your PayPal account. The email address listed in your shopper profile is the same email address we use for your PayPal payment! We cannot send them to another email address other than the one listed in your Shopper Profile. If your email address has changed, make certain that you make those changes to your shopper profile AND register the new email address with your PayPal account. See PayPal for more information on how to do that.


How long does it take before I get paid for my shops I have completed?

It takes about 60 days to receive payment and reimbursement. Please make certain that your PayPal email address is the same as the email address you have given to ServiceCheckReport.com.


If you completed your shop during this month... You will be paid by ON or BEFORE the 15th of this month...
August October
September November
October December
November January
December February
January March
February April
March May
April June
May July
June August
July September


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How do I sign up?

Visit www.servicecheckreport.com and click the "New Shopper Signup" button. We will ask you for some basic contact/personal info (no, we don't ask for your Social Security number) and, within minutes, you can visit our Job Board and begin applying for shops. all new shoppers start with a 5 rating, out of 10 being highest. Some shops will exclude you based on this starting rating. Please contact us if all shops in your area require a higher rating and we can discuss manually assigning you your first shop.


Note: We pay exclusively through PayPal, so you will need to register with them as well. Signup is quick, easy, and secure. We think you will enjoy the speed, convenience, and security of electronic payments, as opposed to paper checks. Please make certain that your PayPal email address is the same as the email address you have given to ServiceCheckReport.com.


How do I update my mailing address, email address, or other profile information?

Log in with your email and password. Go to profile, enter your new information. Click Submit at the bottom to save the changes.


Help!  I forgot my password.

Go here and have your password emailed to you.


Help!  I cannot login.

Have your password emailed to you and confirm that your password and email address are correct. 


To access our website, open a new browser window and then re-attempt to log in.


Help! I have questions about my MSPA Certification.

Please visit review the MSPA site for answers, here.


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Applying for Shops

How do I apply for a shop?

You can log into your account and check the Job Board for available shops. You can also receive open shop notification by e-mail. At the bottom of the email, find your state among the "Available Shops" and click on its link. (If the link is not blue, copy and paste the link into a web browser.)  Then, enter your email address, and password.  You will receive a message that says, “Your application has been accepted”.  Based on the applications that are received, the scheduler will assign the shop to a shopper.  If the shop has already been assigned, it will say “Scheduled” next to the location and you will not be able to apply. 


I received an e-mail 30 seconds ago notifying me of a shop in my area but when I checked the Job Board, it's not there.  How did another shopper get the job?  I am notified of new mail immediately! 

These e-mails are sent to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of shoppers within minutes.


Some people are under the impression that e-mail is instantaneous (and it often is) however, depending on your e-mail provider, it can take minutes, hours, or even days for our message to reach your computer screen.  That is, if their junk mail filter doesn't remove it instantly.


Your best bet is to make a habit of checking our Job Board regularly.  We post most shops around the 25th of each month.


I do not fit the (age, gender, etc.) criteria for a shop.  Can I do it if I bring someone along who does?

Generally, no. You can email us if you see a note that references possible exceptions we will make. If there is no note, then NO we can't make exceptions.


I saw your posting on XYZ site, but there are no shops listed on your job board.

We post the majority of our shops on the job board around the 25th of each month for shops in the following month, then occasionally throughout the month.


Listings on other sites may not match what is currently available so always login and check our actual job board.


I applied for a shop, but the application disappeared from the My Apps page.  What happened?

The shop was assigned to another shopper, or in some cases the shop details changed and all applications were cleared. You may also be disqualified for a particular client or shop location, so be sure that you don't apply for shops you are restricted from.


Your application may also be removed if you do not answer the qualifying question that is attached to the shop location. Be sure to completely fill out the application for us to consider you.




* Assigned to you

This shop has been assigned to you - view it in your Shop Log


* Pending

The scheduler has not assigned this shop to a shopper yet
(please do NOT ask schedulers on the status of pending shops)


* Closed
  (not shown)

Shops assigned to other shoppers are removed from this page.


I clicked on a link in a shop announcement email. I saw the list of locations I wanted to shop. I selected the location I wanted, then input my email address/password to login. Now that I'm logged in, I tried to put in an application for this shop after finding it on the Job Board, but your site tells me I already submitted an application. What gives?

Read before you click. You probably logged in on a page that looks sort of like the one below. Note that the button underneath the fields where you input your email address and password reads, "Apply for this shop." This submits an application for yout to complete the shop shown on the page (in the yellow highlighted box), AND this logs you into your ServiceCheckReport.com account at the same time.



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Cancelled Shops

I just received an e-mail stating that my shop was cancelled.  I didn't even know I had a shop!

You must read all information in shop notifications before you apply for a shop.  Among other important information, you will find the following:


After you apply for a shop, please check the status of your application at http://www.servicecheckreport.com/ --> "My Apps."  This bypasses any missed shop confirmation emails.


DO NOT rely on the confirmation e-mail. If you've submitted an application, it is YOUR responsibility to check your shop log and determine whether you've been assigned the shop.

If you have been assigned, you must click the links to CONFIRM it or it will be canceled. Submitting an application is an **agreement** to perform the shop if assigned. We expect you to shop as indicated. If you cannot perform an assigned shop, you must notify us at LEAST 48 hours before the due date. Failure to do so may result in deactivation.


I applied for a shop by mistake, how do I cancel?

If the shop has not yet been assigned, log into http://www.servicecheckreport.com/shoppers/LoginShopper.norm.php and go to “My Apps” to remove your application before we assign the shop.


How do I cancel an assigned shop?

If you must cancel an assigned shop, notify us at least 48 hours before the due date.  Failure to do so will result in deactivation.  To cancel your shop, log in and click the "Contact Scheduler" link.  You may also call us at 877-388-0216. If you reach us after hours, be sure to clearly leave your NAME, SHOP NUMBER and reason. We will follow up with you in email or by a return call.


My shop was cancelled before the due date, what happened?

When you are assigned a mystery shop, you must confirm the shop as soon as possible.  Shops that are not confirmed will be cancelled and reassigned.


To confirm that you will complete your assigned shop, you can either click on the confirmation link in your acceptance e-mail, or at http://www.servicecheckreport.com in your shop log.


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Where can I find the shop guidelines?

Access your shop at http://www.servicecheckreport.com/ -->"Shop Log" --> "Print" --> "Click Here to Download Instructions" and save for your records. Link under each shop that says, "guidelines." You must also read/print the online report and the comments, BEFORE performing any shops.


When is my shop due?  When is the survey due?

Unless otherwise specified, the online shopper report must be filed within 24 hours of your visit or by the submit due date, whichever comes first. Please check your shop log once you receive an assignment to check on the due dates; they are very important.

*  Shop Due - This is the last date you have to visit the location by to complete the mystery shop.

*  Survey Due - This is the date by which your fully completed survey is due. By this date your shop should be in “Completed” status.

*  Don't shop before - This is the date on and after which you can do the shop. The shop cannot be done before this date.


How are corrections handled on my report?

Our Team reviews all reports for content, clarify, grammar and punctuation anywhere from 1-7 days following your shop. If corrections are needed, we send a request to your email ONLY. We are concerned about the number of missed emails that occur when seeking clarifications on shops so we have changed the process and this will go into effect as of Thursday Novmber 1, 2012.

Our proofing team will send an email for any needed corrections 1-7 days following your shop, however, we find that those emails can go to spam or junk folders so it’s your responsibility to log back in and check your shop log, daily. This will also prevent the confusion of sending in emails and wondering if they were received! Our team will put your shop into Incomplete status which means you can access the report again and they will leave notes in your Shop Log about what info needs to be updated. this information is always identical to what was sent to you in email. You will be required to correct your report and resubmit it by the deadline noted. If you fail to correct your report and resubmit as requested, you may not be paid for the completion of your shop so it's important that you check back.


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What is a rating?

A rating is assigned to each completed and finalized mystery shop report that is submitted.  Ratings are based on a grading scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.  Reports are evaluated for spelling/grammar/punctuation, thoroughness, descriptiveness, and overall quality (i.e. performed correctly, how it reflects the effort involved).


How do I get (or increase) my shopper rating?

All new shoppers start out with a rating of 5. A higher rating may be required for some shops. To increase your rating, you must apply for and complete a shop with a lower rating requirement. The best time to check for these shops is around the 25th of the month (when we post most of our shops for the following month), and near the end of the month (when certain requirements are relaxed in order to encourage shoppers to apply). There may be a possibility that you are in an area that only has shops that require a higher rating. In that case, please email us and let us know how you are a good fit and your previous mystery shopper experience. We will consider waiving the requirements in certain circumstances.


To increase your shopper rating, be sure to follow all shop guidelines, in addition to the report submission guidelines.


I don't think the rating I received for my shop was fair/correct.  How do I challenge this rating?

We highly discourage you from contesting your shop rating.  We will certainly make corrections if a mistake was made, however 99% of shops actually end up with a LOWER RATING after a second review.


If you do want to request that we reconsider your shop rating, we reserve the right to re-review the ENTIRE report for other errors that may not have been noticed on the first review.  As such, it is frequently best to accept the current rating and improve your overall shopper rating by completing other shops.


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How do I make corrections to my survey after I have submitted it as complete?

Mistakes may be edited after submission as long as status is marked “new,” or “incomplete.” Once the report has been submitted it is no longer open for your editing.


How do I confirm that you have received my completed mystery shop report?

After you submit a report, you MUST return to your shop log to confirm that the shop status is “Complete”.  If the shop status is “NEW”, then we have not received the online report.  If the shop status is “Incomplete,” that means the report is missing information, and you must make corrections before we can review the report.


Something happened!! My work is gone!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Internet, dropped connections and other unfortunate errors do happen. If one of these rare events occurs while you are completing your report, your most recent submission will be lost and you will have no alternative but to start your report from the point of your last successful save.


To help combat this, we have two recommendations: 1) Save early and save often -- The more successful saves you make, the less work you will have to redo if something does happen. 2) Use word processing to write your narratives -- Not only is spell check and even possibly grammar check built-in to most word processing programs, but if your narrative is lost in transmission, then you can just go back to what you have in the word processor and copy and paste again (no need to write everything over from scratch). MS Word is a popular program. There is also a free, open source program available at OpenOffice.org.


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What do I do with my receipt?  Do I have to send a receipt?

Assignments that require a purchase must have their receipt(s) uploaded directly to the report. Without the receipt your report will be considered incomplete. If you are having problems uploading your receipt(s) you can contact us for assistance.


For assignments that do NOT require a purchase you will instead upload a business card or other location material to the report.

ServiceCheck reserves the right not to process payment if the receipt is not received in the specified time. If you do not get a receipt, an explanation in a separate email is required so we can review your circumstance. In rare instances we may make the exception to process a report without the upload. Be sure that you have required materials before completing your shop!


If you need to review a receipt issue with us, contact us for assistance and include the 6-digit shop # (available in your shopper log) and your name, along with an explanation of assistance required.

For all uploads, make sure that once you have uploaded item(s) that you use the SAVE REPORT FOR LATER option in order to complete the upload to the shop, and review the image(s) for clarity. If you can't read it, neither can we!

                           Our upload areas allow you to upload an image file or PDF. We highly recommend using PDF to ensure we can zoom in on your upload if needed.


Did you get my receipt?


Yes, if you have not heard from us, then we have received your receipt. Always keep a copy of the receipt for your records. We suggest you take a picture of all shop materials and keep a file for each assignment, at least.



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How do I contact ServiceCheck?

You can call us at 877-388-0216 or email support@servicecheck.com. 

Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, Pacific Time. 

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